Saturday, 22 August 2015


Look around, what do you see?
A beautiful world, a happy face.
Listen, what do you hear? 
The sound of birds, the laugh of children 
The light blue sky,
The deep blue sea,
A blood red rose.

But Alas!
Look deeper.
Look what lies beneath the surface.

A world of wars, a shattered spirit
The sound of chaos, the cry of children
A dark grey sky,
A polluted sea
A bed of thorn-bushes.

Nobody sees, nobody hears
Nobody wants to pay attention.
So we cover our fears with a forced look of boldness
We hide our pain with our smiles
We push back our tears with laughter
We sing and dance
To cover the wounds that we dare not reveal

But deep inside we crave!
We cry out for someone who cares.
For someone to see past our outward appearance
For someone who can look through the windows of our souls
And see the surface beneath!

 Thought to Ponder: As we go out each day and interact with people, we should strive to hear and not just listen, to see and not just look! A small act of kindness can go a long way and make a huge difference in a person's life! More than we sometimes realize! :) :) 

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