Thursday, 27 August 2015


Life is one hell of an exciting journey 

It doesn't always seem that way...heck, it sometimes feels like a long dreadful walk through hell

But when you reflect...

...when you take a minute to take it all in, you realize that everything blends together, adding meaning, adding wisdom and insight to the person that you are


Where is this journey leading us? I doubt if anyone knows

But we should take the time to appreciate every single day that we have on this earth

Treasure the good, embrace the bad, be cheerful and joyful for as long as we can! Cry when we have to, laugh and sing and dance because we can

Give thanks to God for it is he who makes it all possible! He, who carries us through the storms of life

We should laugh and smile more than we cry and frown. Look for the silver lining in every cloud

And though sorrow may come know that it only lasts for a night

...for joy comes in the morning

And this is how life should be. It doesn't mean everything is perfect. It doesn't mean we have everything we need and want. But it helps us to appreciate all that we do have, and makes us hopeful that things will get better. And it all begins with a choice we make. A choice to be happy. A choice to be positive. a choice that will change our life for the better :)

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