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While talking about life and his experiences in a recent interview, Rick Warren, an American evangelical Christian pastor and author said: "Life is a series of problems: Either you are in one now, you're just coming out of one, or you're getting ready to go into another one." He then goes on to describe how life is like two railway lines, and that at any given time there is something good going on and something bad that needs to be dealt with! This got me thinking about my own life and happiness, and made me realize that just as he says, there are always good things and bad things happening simultaneously, but more often than not, I, perhaps a lot of us out there, tend to focus on the bad not realizing how much good we actually have going on! With this thought in mind, I decided to take part in the 100 happy days challenge that's been taking facebook by storm the last couple of months, but instead of posting on facebook, I'll blog about it here! My goal in this is not to pretend that everything is perfect, or to ignore or supress the less pleasant issues I have going on, it's a personal exercise to get me to focus on what's good! Despite how bad my day may seem! It may include big happy moments, or the small little moments that still make life special! 100 days, here we go... :)

Day 1: 17th September:

Finishing and submitting my Dissertation and thereby completing my Masters degree :D :D Plus celebratory Dinner courtesy of mi Amor (...guess I'm starting out with a bang here! :D )

Day 2: 18th September:

Reading a great book and drinking one of the best Chai Lattes I've ever had!!!

Day 3: 19th September

My passion :D :D SALSA DANCING!!! Always gets the happy juices flowing :D :D

Day 4: 20th September

Being out in nature, travelling to new places,  hiking, seeing wildlife, and getting to enjoy it all with the best travel companion ever :D :D :D

Day 5: 21st September

 Being creative! :D :D Painting a flower vase and thereby restoring it back to life! :D :D

Day 6: 22nd September

Chatting with my best friend! Confiding in each other, venting, talking about important things and about silly things...the whole shebang! Distance is never a barrier! :D :D

Day 7: 23rd September

Having a lazy day, bumming around and being a couch potato while I nurse my flu! Haven't done this in a while...and it felt great!!! :D :D

Day 8: 24th September

Laughing at myself  >.<  Today I had an embarassing moment involving a having to duck really akwardly...and getting laughed at in the process :p haha it was hilarious though, that I must admit! :p

Day 9: 25th September

 SHOPPING :D :D :D Need I say more? ^^)

Day 10: 26th September

Today I got Flowers (not just any flowers mind you...a combination of my absolute favourites) :D :D Random, unexpected, sweet acts of love and kindness :D :D Feeling loved! <3 :D <3

Day 11: 27th September

I finally got a bike! :D :D :D After weeks of looking for one I liked! Now to get my sport back on! :D

 Day 12: 28th September

Cuddles cuddles cuddles with my fluffy amigo! How could this NOT make me happy? :D

Day 13: 29th September

Self-reflection ... reminding myself of my values, goals and passions in life! Re-connecting with the inner me! XD

Day 14: 30th September

Good old family time! Talking, sharing, laughing, connecting, bonding :D :D :D

Day 15: 1st October

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and managing to accomplish things despite initially doubting myself! :D Doing something you know can do feels good, but doing something you though you couldn't....10,000 times better! ^^)

Day 16: 2nd October

Being there as moral support for someone as they get those bucket list items crossed XD Seeing others happy makes me happy :D :D :D

Day 17: 3rd October

Good food & Great company :D :D

Day 18: 4th October

Today was just a really great day! From accepting those challenges and coming out victorious, to being outdoors and active, forming great memories, learning things about myself, and socializing! Purely Awesome! XD

Day 19: 5th October

Re-connecting :D with someone who means the world to me :D

Day 20: 6th October

Being Productive and getting those to do list items checked!

Day 21: 7th October

Today I was simply thankful...for all that's going good, for all that could go better and what I'm learning from all of it! :D

Day 22: 8th October

Remembering and celebrating the lives of those loved and lost. I'll admit, this one was a little bitter-sweet, but nonetheless, reminiscing the good old days and moments shared does warm my heart and put a smile on my face! :D

Day 23: 9th October

Leaning in the arms of my special someone watching the festival of lights! <3 :D <3

Day 24: 10th October 

I'm really into the show 'Jane the Virgin' ... so watching a couple of eps in a row had me laughing a good while! :D

Day 25: 11th October

Let's just say today morning was AWESOME!!!

Day 26: 12th October

Meetings going good when you were prepared for the worst :D

Day 27: 13th October

Kind people on the street going out of their way to help you :D :D

Day 28: 14th October

MUSICALS :D :D My absolute joy! Not only that, but getting to introduce this world of mine to my special someone and seeing him have a great time too :D :D

Day 29: 15th October

Yesterdays joys overflowed into today, I was singing chicago songs al day long! :D :D :D

Day 30: 16th October

Day 1 of an absolutely brilliant 3 day seminar! So much fun learning new things in a fun environment with fun people!

Day 31: 17th October

Meeting like-minded and really interesting people! Had a blast :D

Day 32: 18th October

I know I've written a lot already about self-awareness, but once again, learning more and more about myself and feeling myself grow in character ... absolutely ace!

Day 33: 19th October

Sharing with others what I've learned and being jointly creative

Day 34: 20th October

Gym :D :D I've had this one before as well, but it had been a while since I'd been here so here it is again. Gyming makes me happy :D :D

Day 35: 21st October

Conquering my mind and taking control! Not giving into my feelings to lay down and wollow in self-pity & worry, but getting out and making myself happy! :D :D

Day 36: 22nd October

Today was just great socially speaking! I was on my A game and even managed to get a part time job :D :D

Day 37: 23rd October

Today started off really well! I was up early and high on energy ready to start my day off well :D :D :D

Day 38: 24th October

Halloween shopping :D sooo excited to get started on creating my outfit :D

Day 39: 25th October

Family lunch day :D Good food + good banter makes for a happy sunday :D
Day 40: 26th October

Got my final grades today and I've officially passed my masters :D All the hard work paid off :D

Day 41: 27th October

Gearing up to officially start job hunting :D

Day 42: 28th October

Don't remember what happened on this day :/

Day 43: 29th October

Setting up and getting ready for halloween

Day 44: 30th October

Making a kick-ass pumpkin cake....

...and finally getting to dance with my love again after what felt like forever!   

Day 45: 31st October

Lazy day lying in watching horrow movies and snacking....

....followed by an AWESOME halloween party with awesome people :D :D :D

Day 46: 1st November

Sleeping in after a great party weekend and waking up feeling awesome!

Day 47: 2nd November

:D :D :D

Day 48: 3rd November

Oops again...forgot what this one was :p

Day 49: 4th November

:D :D :D

 Day 50: 5th November

Taking that first bite of a sandwich when you're just starving!!! The feeling is magical! :D :D hehe

  Day 51: 6th November

That one outfit that just makes you feel Tall and smart and confident! What you wear matters!!! :D :D

Day 52 - Day 62: 7th November - 16th November

Okay so here I got lazy and stopped writing down my happy day to day moments and I really don't remember what happened on these days. So to be continued as of tomorrow.... ^^) 


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